• Disclaimer: I accept full responsibility for my actions and will not hold MR. ESCAPE liable for harm or injury sustained during any activities within the facility. Further, I will accept the rules and judgments of the staff of MR. ESCAPE as final and binding.
  • I understand and agree that I WILL NOT use electronic devices such as cell phone and flashlight, I WILL NOT use device of all sorts for photography, recording/video taking, I WILL NOT use pen/pencil and paper to write down game play, I WILL NOT use violence or break any properties of MR. ESCAPE, I WILL NOT leave with any items from the room.
  • I give permission to MR. ESCAPE, or anyone authorized by MR. ESCAPE, to take photographs of me or my child by use of a camera, video or other film equipment. These photographs may be reproduced and used for the purpose of MR. ESCAPE promotion programs or advertisements. I acknowledge and agree that the photographs of me or my child taken by MR. ESCAPE shall be the exclusive property of MR. ESCAPE and can be reproduced without compensation or payment of any kind to me or any other person.
  • For parents/Guardians (if under 18): Precautions are taken for the safety and health of your child, but in the event of an accident or sickness, MR. ESCAPE, and its staff are hereby released from any liability, in the event that your child conducts him/herself in a manner that is disruptive, he/she will dealt with appropriately, including the option of contacting the parents and/or sending the child home at the expense of the parents. In the event that your child requires special medication, x-ray or treatment, the parents/guardians will be notified immediately, however MR. ESCAPE and its staff will not hold any responsibility for any damage/impact that occurs to your child during the course of this incident.
  • I am aware that my participation in MR. ESCAPE may pose the risk of injury and damages to myself and apparel. MR. ESCAPE is not responsible for any injuries to my physical condition, damage/stain caused to the apparel during my one hour game play.


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