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Room 5


Challenge: a?�a?�a?�a?�

Classification:A�horrible storyline

**All Tech Props Mission**

200 years before, there is one of the family who got the Annabelle from the old market. However, they realize that this is not a normal doll as they thought. This doll was being weird, it would sometime move itself or look on someone. Therefore, they called the four famous exorcists to take her out. After the four exorcists arrived, they were all trapped into the house then killed by each other.
200 years after, you and your friend were accidentally step into the house and wake her up again. You were being trapped by Annabelle, find the ring from the exorcist they may lead you out of there.

Participants: 4 -10

Record Holder

Time: 25 Mins

Date: May 13, 2016

Success Rate: 30%


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Stringer Requiem

Challenge  ☆☆☆☆
My children, when you hear my voice, your souls will awaken. You have eyes, but are blinded by darkness. You have hands, but are chained by reality. You have souls, but are lost in endless confusion and repression. Now, with the awakening of your soul, you have found the strength to break the chains and find your way through the darkness. Go ahead, my children, get to know your current reality as it is more tragic than that of hell and seek a freedom that is more beautiful than paradise.

Participants: 2-4

Record Holder

Time: (Coming Soon)

Date: (Coming Soon)
Success Rate: 50%


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Killing game – Winery

Challenge  ☆☆
Jack as a famous bartender who has a reputation in M City. Every year in October, He will organize a wine tasting meeting in his private villa, so every invited could taste his latest cocktail.

This year Jack invited you guys to the wine tasting; however, during the tasting Jack was found dead in his bedroom. All the doors and windows of the whole village are tightly locked. The killer must be mixed between each of you. Who killed Jack cruelly? Why would he lock all the people in the villa? Who would be the next victim?

Group 4-12

Record Holder

Time: (Coming Soon)

Date: (Coming Soon)
Success Rate: (Coming Soon)


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Challenge  ☆☆☆

You are one of the member of the FBI. You are appointed to investigate an international kidnapping case. Now you will pretend to be kidnapped by them. According to the clues around the house, you have to investigate their kidnapping route. Therefore, we can bring them into justice. We have hidden some important props which may help you to investigate. The kidnappers will be back in one hour, be quick.

Participants: 2-8

Record Holder

Time: 43 Mins

Date: May 13, 2016
Success Rate: 10%


The Mummy - Lost Pyramid


Classification: Action

**All Tech Props Mission** replica orologi

A few year ago, archaeologists discovered a pyramid and found a priceless antique. After the news came out, it attracted a lot of grave robbery and relic hunt from different country. These archaeologists have thus disappeared. Tag Heuer replica
Today, you have received the request from the international association for the preservation of cultural relics to bring the antique back to the museum and find back the missing archaeologists. However, it seems like someone has accidentally triggered the authorities now the pyramid is slowing sinking. You only have an hour to find back the artifact and escape out. Otherwise, you will be one of the mummy in this pyramid.

Participants: 4-10 fake rolex watches for sale

Record Holder

Time: 27 Mins

Date: May 13, 2016
Success Rate: 38%

Haunted Hospitals and Cruel Fates: The Asylum Escape Room

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Our New Room “The Abanodoned Hangar” Released

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Tips on Designing Room Escape Games

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But then you can apply for a waiver

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